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After watching Celebrity Autobiography videos on YouTube for years (like this hilarious Destiny’s Child one) I finally got the chance to see the show in the flesh – and it didn’t disappoint. One of the funniest I’ve seen.

Stars and comedians read the autobiographies of other stars, word for word. Sometimes solo, and best of all, in groups.


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These were the autobiographies as read by some of the stage & screen’s finest, including Tony, Grammy & Emmy winners:

• Justin Bieber – read by Fred Willard about his favourite South American ice cream and his ongoing quest for TGI Fridays.

• Kris Jenner – by Jennifer Tilly about how family is so important when being photographed in front of the Mona Lisa by paparazzi and fans alike.

• Tommy Lee – by Steven Weber detailing his almost disastrous wooing of Heather Locklear and how long it took for her to put out.

• Carol Channing – by Laraine Newman on keeping quiet about her thoughts of Barbra getting the movie of Hello Dolly instead of her, until this autobiography where they all came out.

• Barbra Streisand – by Kristen Johnston and her in-depth thoughts on fruit, roses, sunlight, plants and other inanimate objects. If you squint at a vase of different coloured roses, it looks like one colour. Fascinating!

• Geraldo Rivera & Liza Minelli – by Roger Bart & Jennifer Tilly. Geraldo describes their not-quite-torrid & somewhat confusing love affair throughout their years together.

• Jennifer Lopez by Dayle Reyfel on what we can all learn by how she learned to overcome her fear of being herself on Idol. Even Stephen Spielberg was impressed.

• Hedy Lammar by Debbie Harry on how you can get whatever you like when you’re a star, as long as you go for a swim in a pool full of herbs everyday.

• Beyonce, Ricky Martin & Michael Bublé by Debbie Harry, Eugene Pack & Roger Bart. Sometimes Beyonce is just gross, sometimes Ricky doesn’t know if he’s Ricky or Kiki, and sometimes Michael is just another Bublé.

• Cher, Dolly Parton, George Hamilton & Cameron Diaz by Laraine Newman, Dayle Reyfel, Steven Weber & Kristen Johnston. Dolly’s advice to keeping your body beautiful is to chew your food as much as you like, then spit it right back out again. Cher says oranges are such hard work but surprisingly delicious once you actually get into one. Cameron loves fruit and George loves a woman in uniform – even if it is a Girl Scout…

• Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Joe Namath & Mr T by Roger Bart, Eugene Pack, Fred Willard & Kristen Johnston. Arnold’s body is like a perfect clock that only loses one second every five years. Tiger, like most 20 year old guys, had never seen a hole he didn’t like to putt into. Joe didn’t care for people constantly commenting on his hair and didn’t care for the musical Hair either. Mr T managed to learn a whole 7 page script in only 3 days to land the part he was born to play: someone in Rocky 3.

• Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher & Richard Burton by Dayle Reyfel, Jennifer Tilly, Steven Weber, Eugene Pack & Fred Willard plus Roger Bart. Liz churned through husbands faster than a reality show and created one of the most turbulent love quadrangles in Hollywood history. Debbie was just happy to be a Girl Scout but managed to trick them into revealing their affair over the phone, if you believe her side of the story. Mike & Eddie were along for the ride and Richard nearly ended up inside one of them.


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The tagline for Celebrity Autobiography is that they “couldn’t make this stuff up” and the stories are so outrageous that they don’t have to. Check them out on The YouTube and get along to see them live if they’re near you.

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